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E-Z Lock Gutter Screen
Extremely Affordable!
Works well with both new and old rain gutter systems.
Stays put -
Won't blow away!
Built-in spring action locks the screen into place.
Powder coating fights against rust and corrosion.
Only use it where you need it, and not where you don't.
Comes in four foot sections.
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​Easy Gutter Care
EZ Lock helps keep the majority of debris out of your rain gutter system, so your gutters can function properly. These gutter screens are attached firmly to your gutters by a built-in spring action that locks the screen into place so they won't blow away. EZ Lock Gutter Screens can be easily detached and re-installed. So if you ever need to replace your rain gutters or give them a good cleaning - it's no problem!
E-Z Lock Gutter Screen
Get EZ Lock For Your Home
EZ Lock comes in four foot lengths and can be installed on just about any existing gutter system you have. So there's no need to replace your rain gutter system with EZ Lock Gutter Screens! Save time and money with a functional gutter screen that is made to last! Call or contact us today for a free EZ Lock estimate.
E-Z Lock Gutter Screen
Are you looking for a gutter guard that's inexpensive? Don't fall prey to those cheap aluminum or plastic gutter screens just to save money - get EZ Lock Gutter Screens!

Unlike the screens at local hardware stores, EZ Lock Gutter Screens are made of galvanized steel. This gives them superior strength and durability, so they won't fall apart or get bent out of shape easily. EZ Lock Gutter Screens are covered with a baked on powder coating system that fights against rust and corrosion. 
The Heavy Duty, Powder Coated, Galvanized, Steel Gutter Screen
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EZ Lock Gutter Screen
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EZ Lock Gutter Screens

EZ Lock Screen